Reusable Breastfeeding Discs – An Overview

breast feeding discs

I have been testing them for more than two months and it is time to give them my approval. They are practical, cheap and most importantly: you can wash and use them as many times as you want. Adopted! I’m talking about reusable breastfeeding discs , a great zero waste option to avoid the “puddle” moment on your shirts. These are the advantages and disadvantages that I have found to date:


  • Reusable : For me this is the main thing. Contribute to generating less waste.
  • Economic : it goes without saying the money you save.
  • Less irritation : This may be a personal perception, but they are more “kind” to my skin. With those to use and throw away sometimes it had certain itches and with these not.
  • Cleaning : When you breastfeed, you can fold them down to absorb the milk / drool that sometimes drips from the baby’s mouth. I know that when you are a mother it no longer comes from one more stain, but at least it contributes to diminishing the permanent “cerdi” mode.
  • Customizable : if you make them yourself, you can choose the fabric and size that suits you best.


  • Adaptability: they do not conform as well to the chest as those of using and throwing, so, aesthetically speaking, there are some wrinkles that can be somewhat cumbersome. TRICK: what personally works for me is to use nursing bras with some foam to hide those folds and not show them on the clothes.
  • Movement: they move a little more than the conventional ones, but the truth is not a drama. You can always try using a velcro or the like.

If you dare to try them, you can buy them without problems. In fact, I confess that I was on my butt before giving birth and I didn’t have time to make them. Now, if you are a “seamstress”, this craft will be very easy for you. Take note:

Step by Step

As easy as choosing a fine terry cloth (absorbent side) and a more waterproof fabric (clothing side). Give them a rounded shape according to the size of your breasts and sew to join the two pieces. It has no more secret. Very similar to the tutorial on reusable make-up remover discs , but changing the fabric and shape.

And you? Have you tried them Any other advantages or disadvantages that I should add?

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