Top 5 best electric griddles to cook in your kitchen 2020

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This is a great kitchen appliance to have, it has a flat surface and cooks from a heat source underneath it. The source of heat could either be; wood, gas, electricity or coal. An electric griddle is on that cooks using electricity. This griddle has an integrated heat element and is also portable as it comes with detachable parts. This griddle also comes with removable plates that may be switched depending on the food being prepared. The plates vary from smooth plates to waffle plates.


Types of electric griddles


  • Single surface electric griddle- features a large surface for even heating
  • Combined electric griddle and grill – features an extended slanted surface for grilling


Benefits of an electric griddle:


  1. It reduces the amount of time spent cooking and cleaning.
  2. Reduces the use of cooking oil as its surface is non-stick.
  3. It has large cooking surface for variety cooking.
  4. Easy to cook as some of the griddles are automated, also the heat is evenly distributed.
  5. Electricity is cheaper compared to other forms of heating like gas.
  6. It’s safe to use. They are smokeless.


Top 5 best griddles:


  • Oster Titanium Infused Duraceramic Griddle

It has a large cooking surface that allows for a large family. Cooking on this griddle is easy as you can cook from either side of the plate with just one flip. Cleanup is easy due to the non-stick plate surfaces.

  • Black and Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle

As the name suggests it’s built to prepare family meals because of its large cooking surface. This griddle features a fast heating and variable temperatures. it also comes with a warming tray that allows you to store food and keep them warm. The griddle can also transform into a grill and a waffle maker as it has different type plates.

  • Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler

The cooking surface is large to allow for family cooking. it can cook any type of meal be it breakfast lunch or dinner. It is also known to be the perfectionist in pancake making and can stunningly stir-fry. It comes with a lid to ensure speedy cooking and also prevent spluttering. It has a variety of heat settings. Clean-up is easy as it can be fully dipped into the water.

  • Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle

It comes with removable handles that create space for storage. has a large cooking surface where the heat is regulated. Clean-up is easy as one can immerse it in water after detaching the heat controls, also the surfaces are non-stick.

  • Hamilton beach 3-in1 electric smokeless griddle and grill

It has 2 separate cooking areas and a double-sided grid that allow three ways cooking, also has separate heat control to allow for this. Therefore, there is no need for different plates. Clean-up is easy because of its non-stick surface.

  • Broil King PCG professional nonstick griddle


On top of our list is the Broil King PCG Griddle. This equipment is ideal for those having a big family since it has a bigger cooking space. Also, it comes with adjustable heat features to enable you to control or regulate the amount of heat needed for your cooking. Therefore, this allows you to make different flavors as dictated by your recipe.

The griddle is made of the ceramic non-sticking coating. This not only makes it non-sticky but also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, this item comes at a high price tag.


Every cooking enthusiast knows the value of electric griddles in their kitchen. This equipment is one of the most useful multipurpose items one can ever find in the kitchen. They allow you to prepare all in one breakfast buffet for your family in the shortest time possible. For instance, you can always cook pancakes, toast bread, and even cook eggs on the same surface almost instantly. Therefore, if you are looking for the best electric griddle to furnish your kitchen, the above list of electric griddles is the best.

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